Designing and Saving Layouts


We have greatly improved the user interface for layouts. The layouts are now categorized and labeled AND you can save your own layouts (woot woot!). Can’t find your favorite pre-designed layout? Click on the Layouts tab and select one of the following categories:

To save your own layout creations, click the blue Save Layout To My Layouts button and choose if you want to save the left page, right page or both pages. Your saved layouts can be found under “Saved Layouts” in the dropdown menu in the Layouts panel.

You will also notice that all single page layouts are mirrored so you can pick a right or left page (this immediately doubles the amount of layouts).

If you’d like to use a layout from another page, click the blue 'Use a layout from another page' link and you will be taken to the Page Manager where you can import a previously used layout.


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