Paying Immediate Orders and Orders Directly from the YB Application with an eCheck


Once your books have been added to the cart, choose eCheck as payment the payment method.

Select the desired shipping method, confirm the shipping address, then click Place Order..

Provide the requested information exactly as it appears on your bank documents. To avoid any unnecessary delays, it is very important that this information is entered correctly. This page is highly secure and your payment information is not stored on our servers.

The transaction is complete after clicking ‘Place Order’ button.

Important Things to Note About eChecks

  • There is a $10,000 limit per transaction. If the customer has a larger balance, payment will need to be split into two payment transactions.
  • It’s important to that all information provided matches exactly what is on file with your bank.
  • Some schools may need prior approval from the bank before using an eCheck.
  • eChecks take four days to reconcile. If an eCheck is submitted in error, we have to wait for it to be settled before reversing it or issuing a refund.

Visit our eCheck FAQ for more information.

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