Using Profits to Pay for your Order


Schools that have made a profit from their storefront sales may use those profits to order additional yearbooks before they release their bulk order into production. Here’s how:

Advisers should make sure they have enough profits to cover what books they want to order by viewing the Orders tab in Book Settings link on the school’s Storefront.

When calculating the profit amount needed to order additional books, use the actual cost of the book (not the marked up amount listed on the Storefront).

Once parent ordering is complete and the school is ready to submit its order to production, the adviser should set the price of their books to $0 in Pricing and Sale Options. The adviser may then order the desired number of additional books to be purchased with the available profit.

Once the order is complete, the school should set the price of the books back to the final selling price to ensure no books are sold to the public for $0.

The school may then return to the Orders tab in Book Settings link to see any remaining profits or losses. If the school orders more books than it has profits, the system will charge the school for the balance owed when the school submits the books into production.


In the case above, the school added two additional books (at $37.98 each) to their order, thereby reducing profit by that amount. The school could add a few more books using the $67.08 profit balance, donate the profits to the Yearbooks for Everyone Fund, or receive a profit check by mail.

The above image shows an example of the Production Submission Summary for a school that had enough profits to cover the cost of additional books. In this situation, the school would need to select YES to receive a profit check.

In the above example, the school owes Picaboo Yearbooks $151.41 because their profits did not cover the entire cost of their additional books.

If a school would like to determine how many copies they can cover using their profits, a cost calculator is available in the Pricing and Sale Options tab in the Book Settings.

Don’t forget: It is important to set the price of the books back to the final selling price to ensure no books are sold to the public for $0.

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