Now Accepting eChecks for US Payments


eChecks are a form of electronic payment that use highly-secure ACH (electronic transfer or wire) technology to transfer funds between two bank accounts. PYB has implemented eChecks to expedite payment for schools who opt not to use a credit card for purchases.

We’ve compiled a brief FAQ to walk you through the process:

How do I pay with an eCheck?

There are three places where the adviser can pay by eCheck:

  1. The Adviser can pay by eCheck when placing an order directly in the yearbook app.
  2. The Adviser can pay by eCheck when placing an order from the Storefront.
  3. The Adviser can pay by eCheck after requesting an invoice.

Are eChecks secure?

Yes. The eCheck form always resides on a secure webpage and is processed by a company that handles billions of dollars of online transactions a year. Once submitted, that form goes directly to the processor and is not saved or stored at PYB. In fact, the payment info never hits our servers.

What information do I need to pay by eCheck?

You will need the following banking account information:

It is important that the Name of Account be entered exactly as it is on file with the bank, otherwise the bank may reject payment.

Which one is the Routing Number and which one is the Account Number?

What happens after I hit the blue Place Order button?

After the eCheck form is completed and submitted, PYB’s processor immediately confirms the banking details and indicates if the information is valid. If not valid, the transaction will not process.

What if I need to cancel my order?

If an Adviser cancels an order paid by eCheck, an email will be sent to and the Picaboo accounting department will issue a refund check by mail once the eCheck has cleared (which may take up to five business days).

What if I need a receipt?

After your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email that can serve as your receipt. If you do not see a confirmation screen after placing your purchase and do not receive a confirmation email, your order has not been processed.

Why can’t eChecks be utilized in Canada?

Because it takes up to seven days for the eCheck payment to process, the exchange rate may change between the time of payment and the time the money is withdrawn from the account. We value our Canadian customers and will let them know as soon as this option is available to them.

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