Yearbook Distribution (United States)


As your yearbook delivery date approaches, here is some information that will help you get a head start on your yearbook distribution.

Your books will arrive packed in sturdy double-wall boxes sealed with fiber tape.

Each box will be labeled to indicate which box it is in the total quantity (i.e. 1 of 3) and the total number of books inside.

Boxes that contain personalized yearbooks will always begin with Box #1 and will be marked with a red P.

Locate and open Box #1. Remove the air pillows and open the weatherproof moisture bag.

Inside the moisture bag, you will find a packing slip containing a list of all books that were individually ordered online as well as your bulk order.

For a more detailed version of this list, you may download it from either the order confirmation email you received from us after placing your order OR from the shipping confirmation email that is sent when your yearbooks leave our printing facility.

There are a variety of methods to passing out yearbooks, but here are a few tips that we recommend:

  • Download your spreadsheet and sort the list by the Personalized column,  then by Grade/Homeroom. (Click here for PC Excel tutorial; Click here for Mac Excel tutorial)
  • Each personalized book is labeled by the student name. Sort these books by class, grade or whatever category works best for you and pass them out accordingly. Make sure to mark the student's name off your list as they are distributed.
  • Since all non-personalized books are the same, there is no need to sort them by student name. Reference your list to see if the student ordered a hardcover or softcover and pass out accordingly. Make sure to mark the student's name off your list as they are distributed.

NOTE: Boxes that contain both personalized and non-personalized books will have a separate moisture bag for each. Personalized books are labeled with the student name. Non-personalize books will not be labeled.

Congratulations on finishing your yearbook! Check out these ideas for what to do now that the hard part is over.

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