Online & In-School Yearbook Orders


Did you sell books in school AND online?

If yes, please remember that your order is not complete until you have added the total amount of your in-school books sales to your bulk order.

1. From the storefront, click the red Order Yearbook button. If you do not see the screen below, you must log in as the adviser.

2. From this screen, you may individually enter the names of each student who purchased a yearbook and click Continue, OR you may click the blue Bypass Names and Order in Bulk to proceed with your order.

3. Enter the number of hardcover and softcover books you wish to order (equal to the amount you sold during your in-school sales campaign plus any extras you may want) and pay with a credit card or with the PO Code you received after submitting your invoice.

4. IMPORTANT: When you are ready to release all orders into production, you must return to Book Settings.

5. Click the red Submit to Production button and do a little happy dance.

Note: After placing your order, your Storefront status will automatically change to “Coming Soon” mode. If you want to keep selling yearbooks, you must change your storefront status to Immediate Order.

Students/parents who have missed the deadline may now order yearbooks and have them shipped directly to their home. These books will not ship with your bulk order and the ordering party will pay for the shipping costs at their own expense.

For additional help, please contact your Account Manager or Yearbook Support Specialist.


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