In-School Yearbook Orders


Did you sell ALL of your yearbooks via in-school payments? Or do you provide a yearbook to all students as part of tuition? If so, please follow the steps below to complete your yearbook order.


STEP 1: Lock all sections and request a digital proof

Click the "Lock All" button found in the top right of your section ladder. Follow the prompts and click the "Lock Section & Send Proof" button.


STEP 2: Approve your proof

As soon as you receive the digital proof via email, click the Home button in the top left corner to navigate back to your library.

Click the yearbook you want to order once and select "Add to cart" from the drop down menu. 

Once you have reviewed your proof and are satisfied that everything is in order, check the box and click OK.

A second pop-up will ask you to confirm everything looks good. Click on the blue "Continue to Cart" button to proceed. If you need to make any additional changes to the yearbook, click "Return to Project".


STEP 3: Make your product selection

After your project has uploaded to our servers, the Select Products & Options screen will appear. Enter the quantity you wish to order along with the cover finish (matte or gloss) for each book type (hardcover, softcover or eYearbook).

Click the ADD TO CART button to continue. 


STEP 4: Prepare for checkout

Confirm the quantity and cover type is correct and click the "Go To Checkout" button.

If this is your first order, you will be prompted to enter a shipping address and payment method. If we already have your billing/shipping information on file, you will be taken directly to the Place Order screen. 

From here, you can choose your shipping method:

If you have a purchase code, click the "CLICK TO ENTER CODE" link to use the purchase code you previously requested via the Invoice Request Form. Note: you will be issued this code when we have received full payment.

If you paid by invoice, enter the purchase code in the white Enter Code area, and then click APPLY. This should zero out your order total. NOTE: If you’ve added more books to your order than were on your submitted invoice request, you will need to pay the difference using a credit card on the payment screen..

Once your code or any necessary payment information have been verified, click the blue PLACE ORDER button. You will see an order confirmation page that reviews your order. If you are not directed to a confirmation screen, your order has not been placed.


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