Invoicing with a Price Change


While difficult, invoicing can work with a price change to the book on the store available for pre-orders. Occasionally schools want to increase the price of the book as the school year progresses to encourage students/parents to buy the book early on in the school year. In this case invoicing gets more difficult because the price of the book fluctuates.

The details of this scenario are:

  1. Organization plans to pay for all of the base yearbooks or collects money from students for the purchase of base yearbooks.
  2. No Personalization offered. (Store not necessary.)
  3. Organization plans to increase the price of the book at least once through the selling season.
  4. Invoice requested two weeks prior to order date.
    • Invoice for the actual (wholesale) cost of the book to organization (do not include any mark-up or profit amount due to the price increase in invoice).
    • Organization keeps mark-up/profit amount.

  5. Check/credit card for full payment sent immediately upon receipt of invoice.
  6. Single “Purchase Code” issued by PYB equal to invoice amount.
  7. Adviser purchases all books using Purchase Code. Make sure to set book to actual/wholesale costs before ordering.

  8. If a pre-order situation where others have ordered through the store, just prior to releasing the queue, the adviser must reduce price to actual/wholesale price in pricing calculator and order all invoiced books using purchase code.
    • After releasing the queue, return pricing to marked-up/retail amount and set to immediate order.

  9. Due to its complexity, this scenario should be avoided. Request the adviser to only take orders through the store. The application will track the various pricing levels and send the profit to the organization.


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