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Multiple options are available for shipping, as can be seen in the Creating a Storefront article, and the shipping article that has been put in place for customers. This article is meant to provide you with more information about all shipping options so that you can more easily explain these options to schools.


Ship to Home options, also referred to as small parcel shipments.

Picaboo Yearbooks offers multiple ship to home options. Priority Ground (2-5 business days), 2 Day Air (2 business days), and Next Day Air (next business day). These options are typically used for shipments of 50 books or less when the delivery address is a home. These options can be used for shipments to schools or businesses.

These options are accessed in the shopping cart when the customer orders directly from the application OR from the storefront if bulk shipping is turned off. Within the storefront, these options are available in both the immediate order and pre-order state.

If a consumer desires to order 50 or more books through the shopping cart in the manner described above, they can contact our Yearbook Customer Care team and inquire about bulk shipping rates.

Periodically we adjust the rates on these options based on negotiations with our shipping partners.


Ship to School or Organization, also referred to as bulk shipping.

When a book is placed on the storefront available for pre-orders, the adviser can also select “bulk shipping” in the preferences tab. The adviser can only select bulk shipping if they expect 50 or more books to be ordered during the pre-order period. Once selected, the adviser must enter the address of the school or organization. Picaboo will ship the books to this address once ordered.

Bulk shipping is included in the price of the book. As such, in the shopping cart, the consumer will not be charged for shipping. The shopping cart will explain that bulk shipping is free and display the address of the shipment.

Once the adviser orders the preorder queue, all of the ordered books will be dispatched, printed, boxed and shiped, in bulk, to the identified address. Once received, the adviser will hand out the books to the appropriate individual.

In future releases, Picaboo plans to make the bulk shipping option available for orders through the Yearbook application directly to the shopping cart or when the book is available for immediate order in the Storefront. But at this time, bulk shipping is only available for pre-orders from the Storefront.

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