Can an adviser review personalized sections?


At this time, an adviser cannot review or view the personalized sections associated with the adviser’s book that are created by students or others. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. Once the adviser has the ability to review student’s personalized sections, the adviser, and by association the school or organization, becomes responsible for the content in those sections. So while they may be able to screen every photo and text area, there is a risk that they could miss something, and that miss could become an issue for the adviser or school.
  2. Picaboo did not want to add to the adviser’s administrative burden. In some cases, the adviser may have to review 100’s of personalized sections each containing 10 or more pages. This task is not in the current work flow and time tables of advisers, and may cause delays and additional costs.
  3. Personalization is available through the storefront. Parents pay for the books via credit card through the storefront. Parents, by making this payment, are taking ownership over the book and the personalized section. As we further implement personalization, we will provide parents notice of the personalization and ask that they review it.

At this time, we want to keep the personalized section distinct from the main book so the school does not appear to be taking ownership over the personalized sections. Finally, personalized sections are meant to be personal. They are that child’s and their parent’s personal section. Once there is school oversight, these sections will lose their privacy and personal nature.

If the school or organization really wants to view the personalized section, they must ask the students who are personalizing to provide their username and password. By doing this, the child/parent is giving the school permission to view the personalized sections. The adviser would then go into each personalized section one by one and review the content.


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