Importing non JPG images from a PSPA CD


The PSPA importer is only compatible with .JPEG image files, and will not work with any other image format such as .TIFF.

If you need to import a PSPA CD that contains images in any file format except .JPEG, it would be necessary to convert them first. The steps below will guide you through converting the images on your CD:

  1. Copy the entire PSPA CD to a folder on your computer's hard drive. You may want to create a new folder on your computer's desktop to copy the CD files into.
  2. Run a bulk converter to convert the .TIFF images to .JPEG images. We recommend Bulk Image Converter, a free and open source application for converting images between different file types.
  3. Make sure the "Include subdirectories" option is enabled.
  4. Click the "..." button in the converter window, and select the PSPA CD folder you created in step 1.
  5. Select Tiff under the option of "Convert all files of type", and choose Jpeg for the "to type" option.

    When you're ready to convert your images, the converter window should look something like this:

  6. Click start, and wait for the conversion process to finish.

When the conversion is done, you should be good to import your PSPA CD directly from the folder you created on your desktop in step 1.

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