Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will parents be able to add video to the yearbook as well?
    • Yes, the yearbook staff/students can add QR codes to the book pages. The QR codes can be scanned to play videos right from a smart phone or tablet.
  2. Will Picaboo Yearbooks have on call support available so they can log into a teacher’s screen? Especially in the first year?
    • Picaboo Yearbooks will have a customer care and technical team available for assistance. While we will have many self-serve articles and videos, our technical team will have the capability to virtually connect to the teacher or student’s computer and control their computer to further troubleshoot. In order to connect to the teacher or students computer, the school network administrator will have to give access. Click here for our Yearbooks Support page.
  3. For students to individually customize their own book, would they need to be added to the team?
    • No, they will not be part of the team. Instead the adviser will “invite” them to view the book created by the yearbook committee and also to create a personalize “section” of the book for inclusion only in their printed or e-book copy. The personalize section will not be part of the main yearbook. Click here to learn more about the Storefront.
  4. Will there be some layouts that have captions under each picture?
    • Yes, the layout will have captions in place. Over time we will associate captions with photos more permanently so that if you move a photo the caption will go with it.
  5. Can students place any image on the cover?
    • Absolutely! Any image or customized image create in an external photo editing software can be added to the cover or pages as long as the pages are within design specifications. For Picaboo Yearbooks, we recommend using images that have a minimum resolution of 2700 x 3600 at 300dpi.
  6. If a yearbook is being created by a homeschool teacher, can the teacher add photos or create pages easily if they do not have a disc from a professional photographer?
    • Absolutely! You can add photos individually at any time and create pages without photos. You can add photos one at a time filling in a short form with name, grade and teacher information or you can add multiple photos at once and then bulk edit them to include the name, grade teacher information.
  7. When in fall are you launching the Picaboo Yearbooks web app?
  8. What is the cost for the program?
    • The program is absolutely free. All you will pay for is the printed books.
  9. Can advisers see the progress of all the pages for the yearbook staff?
    • Yes of course! The advisers can view the progress of the pages for the yearbook as long as the collaborator assigned to the section is not signed in at the same time. Only one user can be signed into a section at a time to prevent pages/text from being overridden.
  10. Do you have a 1-800 number if we need to speak to a representative for help?
    • Yes, we have a 1-800 you can contact in case you need assistance. That can be found on our Customer Care Center page
  11. Can multiple students work on the same yearbook?
    • Yes. Multiple students can work on the same yearbook and same pages. They just cannot work on the same pages that each student has assigned at the same time. Each student would have to create their own account so that they do not override any work. Essentially, the yearbook administrator would create a team with different editing or viewing rules and assign sections to each student to edit. Also, if an editor (say another teacher) with a higher level of editing privileges attempts to access and edit a page that was assigned to a student to edit, they will receive a message that “blank person” is currently editing the page.
  12. Why are there no deadlines throughout the year, and how can you have such short turn around times?
    • We are utilizing the latest in HP Indigo Digital printing and other on-demand technologies. Our competitors use older offset printing technologies. Over the last 6 years we have established partnerships with the largest book on demand print partners throughout North America that have the ability to produce over 200,000 books per day collectively.
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