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How many pages can your yearbooks support?

Picaboo Yearbooks can print hardcover and softcover books between 20 and 400 pages.

What size yearbooks covers do you offer?

9x12 or “Size 9”
8.5x11 or “Size 8”

What materials are used to produce your yearbooks?

Our hardcover yearbooks feature a glossy or satin laminated 1.5 mm cover over a 2.5mm acid-free board that protects the book. Our soft cover yearbooks feature a glossy or matte satin laminated 1.5 mm cover stock.

The front and back inside covers of the hardcover yearbooks feature white textured endsheets. Softcover yearbooks do not have endsheets.

Picaboo Yearbooks are printed on 100# acid and chlorine-free, archival-quality text stock in a gloss finish (similar to what you’d find in a fine art or coffee-table book).

How strong is the binding of your yearbooks?

Hardcover yearbooks are case bound with checkered headbands and PUR gluing for superior strength and maximum lay-flat abilities. This is one of the strongest binding methods available in bookbinding.

Softcover yearbooks are "perfect-bound" (similar to a paperback book or a high-end magazine) using PUR adhesives, a strong yet flexible glue.

The polymers in PUR adhesives cross-link onto the stock via a chemical reaction with moisture thus facilitating adherence, increasing pull strength, providing greater resistance to hot and cold temperatures, and reducing waviness in wrong-grain projects.

Where are the yearbooks printed and bound?

We produce books at various manufacturing facilities across the U.S.

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