Can I design yearbook pages outside of the Picaboo Yearbooks web app?


You can design yearbook pages using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign or similar software that will allow you to export your pages as high resolution JPG or PNG files.

NOTE: When creating your pages, be sure to take into account the crop zone. This is a buffer area around the edges of your pages which may be cut off during production. It is approximately 1/8 of an inch around the outer edge of the page and 1/4 inch inside the gutter.

To view the crop zone in the yearbook application, go to the Tools menu and select View > Grids and Guides to check Crop Zone (if it’s not already checked). That will highlight the edges of your pages with yellow to represent the cropping area.

Adobe InDesign users

Templates for InDesign CS4 users and above are available for download at

Please make note of the bleed line, wrap zone, crop zone and spine margins guides.

Page Template:

Cover Template:

If using Adobe InDesign, export as a double page spread as PNG files at 300 dpi.

Upload the exported images into the appropriate section of your project. Once they are loaded in the Media tray, place them as the backgrounds onto their respective pages within the application. If they were created using our InDesign templates and exported with the above settings, they will fit perfectly.

Adobe Photoshop users

Templates for Photoshop users and above are available for download at

When using our Photoshop templates, it is important that you delete the layer marked Guides prior to flattening and saving your pages as PNG or JPG files in sRGB format.


8.5 x 11 cover size:
20 in x 13.375 (includes a .55 inch spine based on a 120-page book)
Live area: 17 x 11

9 x 12 cover size:
21.125 in x 14.25 in (includes a .55 inch spine based on a 120-page book)
Live area: 18 x 12

These dimensions must be set-up prior to designing your pages. If you resize or increase the dpi to 300 AFTER you have placed any elements into your Photoshop document, the quality will be diminished. Click here to learn more.

Individual Pages (not double-page spreads)

8.5 x 11 page size: 8.75 in x 11.25 in
Live area: 8.5 x 11

9 x 12 in page size: 9.25 in x 12.25
Live area: 9 x 12

When using outside software, the crop zone is roughly equal to .25 inches around the edges of a single page.

Once your pages are finished, save each one as an individual JPG or PNG image file.

After that, open your Yearbook project and import those images into the appropriate section. Once they are imported, simply place them as the backgrounds of their respective pages within the application. If they were created with the correct sizes listed above, they will fit perfectly.

An important note about the provided Photoshop and InDesign cover templates

Our cover templates are sized for a 120-page yearbook. As the page-count goes up or down, the size of the spine width will change.

If your yearbook page-count is considerably larger or smaller than 120 pages and you would like an item centered on the front or back cover, you will need to adjust the placement of your artwork in Photoshop or InDesign prior to importing it into our app.

Alternatively, we recommend exporting your cover artwork in separate layers and uploading them individually into our app. This will allow you to place artwork exactly where you would like it to appear.

Text on the yearbook spine

The PYB web app allows printing of text (such as book title) on the spine of all hardcover yearbooks and on softcover books of 70 pages or more.

As you add more pages to the yearbook, the width of the spine zone (identified with two vertical dashed lines) will automatically adjust.

If you choose to use to create your spine text with custom images (created in Photoshop or InDesign), we cannot guarantee that the text will be centered in production. The spine size varies depending on the book size, cover type and page count. Customers can choose to do this at their own risk. Please contact your Yearbook Support Specialist for more information.

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