Importing Page Layouts


If you have a page layout you really like and want to use again, copying that layout into another spread is easy. When you have a section opened and a page selected in the Yearbook application, click on the Layouts tool and you'll see a blue button at the top of the Layouts list:

Clicking the “Use a layout from another page” button will bring up the layout selector:

When you select a page with the layout you want and click OK, that exact same layout will be applied to your current page. *Note that only the image placeholders and text boxes will be copied, not the images.

If you would like to use a layout from a page in a different Yearbook, you can choose that project from the drop­ down menu at the top of the layout selector:

When you select a Yearbook from the menu, you can copy the layout from any page within that project.


I'm getting an error saying “The import cannot be performed.”

This message comes up when the project you are importing a layout from contains outdated page thumbnails from older projects. To fix this, please follow the prompt in the error message:

1. Open the project you wish to import a page layout from.

2. When the project opens, press the key commands indicated in the error window. If successful, you will see a prompt that your thumbnails are being generated:

3. Wait for a minute or so to ensure all thumbnails are generated successfully.

4. Close the yearbook, and attempt copying the layout into your other project once more.


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