What is personalization?


If your school or organization has opted to utilize Picaboo Yearbooks' unique personalization program, you have the option to personalize the last four pages and back cover of your book for FREE!

If you wish to create more than four personalized pages, each additional page will cost $0.99 and you must purchase them two at a time. If you choose not to personalize, you will still receive a fantastic yearbook.

The Personalized section will be upside down on the back of the book, so that you can flip the book over and view it as if it were a new book.

Note: If you choose to use the Personalize option but leave the cover blank, the back cover of your Yearbook will be blank rather than using the design that was set up for the Yearbook. If you do not customize any pages, the back cover will be printed with the design the adviser has set for the project.

If the adviser has created a Storefront and enabled the Personalize option, you can create your own pages, which will be printed at the back of the Yearbook.


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