Mark-Up Program & Revenue


Any user assigned as the adviser of a yearbook project has the option to sell their yearbook online in a custom online storefront.

We highly recommend you set the Storefront price based on the maximum number of pages you may need in your yearbook plus any additional profit you would like to make per yearbook.

Any additional profit generated by your storefront will be mailed to the adviser within 60 days of the initial bulk order date. If the payment date falls during summer vacation, we will hold the check and send it once the school is back in session. If you would like your check over the summer, please email us at along with your full school name or contact your account manager.

All payments will be mailed to the address the adviser designated when setting up the Storefront. To change this information, access the Financial tab from the Book Settings link on the school’s Storefront.

You may also opt out of receiving your profit check and we will place it into a fund for helping less fortunate schools get yearbooks. Learn More


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