The Media Tray


The Media Tray is the horizontal tray located below the page(s) being worked on. It displays either imported photos or the pages of the section you are working on. 

To toggle between photos and pages, simply click on the Photos/Pages tabs located in the bottom left corner. 




In the Photos tab, you can upload new images, hide used photos, and sort photos. 

  • You can upload new images by clicking the button. You can learn more about importing images here.
  • Hide photos that have been used by checking the  check box. Images that have been used in the same section will have a  symbol. While images that have been used in a different section will have a  symbol.
  • Sort photos by date taken or filename by clicking on the  icon.



In the Page tab, you can jump to any page and/or rearrange the pages within the same section. 

To move a single page, click on a page to select it and drag-and-drop to its new position. The page will be placed to the left of the blue vertical bar. *Please note that this could cause some pages and layouts to shift one space to the left. 


To move a two-page spread, click on the black bar underneath the two page spread and then drag-and-drop it so the blue bar is positioned to the right of the desired pages (as shown below)




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