Adding a Background

1. Click on the Backgrounds tab to access the Backgrounds menu


2. In the main editing work space, select the page which you would like to add a background to. A blue border appears around its edges indicating that it is selected.


3. You can select one of the suggested backgrounds or choose a solid background color


4. If you do not want to use one of the suggested backgrounds, or a solid color background, you can click the  button and browse our catalog of backgrounds. 


5. You can search backgrounds by using a keyword or applying one of our many filters


6. Click on the desired background and decide if you want to show the background to the left page, right page, both pages, or all pages in the section


7. Click the  button and the background will be applied to the pages selected in the previous step


*If you do not select a page initially (in step 2), you will be prompted to choose a page once you click on a background image.



Removing a Background

You can remove a background by clicking the  symbol located in the bottom left/right corner of the page and choosing the Remove Page Background option. Alternatively, you can click on the background and push the Delete key on your keyboard. 



Saved Backgrounds

When browsing backgrounds, you will notice three clickable links in the upper right corner

  • Added by Team - These are 3rd party backgrounds that have been imported by team members. To learn more about importing your own backgrounds, click here.


  • In this Project - This is where you will find all backgrounds used in the project. This is helpful when you want to use a previously used background on another page.


  • My Favorites - These are backgrounds that you have favorited. These backgrounds can only be seen by you and are not visible to other team members. They will also be visible in all projects associated to your account.


Note: You can favorite a background by clicking the  symbol when hovering your mouse over a background thumbnail.


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