Managing Images


When you first enter the Images work space, you will need to click on a section to start managing it's images.


In this example, we’ll open the section titled “Free Form Section” by clicking on it.


Here is an explanation of each element in this work space (from left to right):

  •  Shows the number of photos already used in the Yearbook


  • Next, is the drop-down menu allowing you to filter your view by displaying all photos, hiding the ones in use, or showing only the ones in use.


  • When you click on an image, it will be highlighted in blue and you will see a "Move to" drop down menu, a "Copy to" drop down menu, and a "Delete" button. You can use these tools to move or copy an image to a different section, or simply delete the image from the section/book completely. 



  •  The check symbol in the corner of an image means the image has been used on a page already



  • The numbers located underneath a used image indicate the page number(s) the image was used on. You can click on the number and you will be taken to the page the image was used on



  • Toggles to the thumbnail view


  •  Toggles to a list view where you can check the "Select All" check box and then move, copy, or delete the selected images. Images can be selected individually if you do not want to select all. You can also change the name of the image and/or add notes.



  • The last drop-down menu allows you to change the sorting order of the photos


  •  can be used to add new photos to the section


  •  can be used to request images from anyone with an email address


A few other tools you may find useful in this work space when hovering your mouse cursor over a photo.

  •  can be used to magnify the image to it's original size
  •  can be used to rename the image or add notes
  •  can be used to delete the image from the project


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