Details workspace


The Details workspace is accessed by clicking on the “Details” button as shown below.


This area allows administrators to modify the following yearbook options:

  • Organization Details
  • Declaring Tax Exempt Status
  • Book Name/Year Ending
  • Page Numbers
  • Portrait Names



This section will allow you to change various details regarding your organization (assuming you manually entered this data when you created the project). This data will be grayed-out and uneditable if you selected your organization from our pre-populated database when you created the project.  


Declaring Tax Exempt Status

Click the "Declare Tax Exempt Status Here" link if you are a non-profit school or organization that is tax exempt. You can learn more about tax exemption by clicking here


Book Name/Year Ending

You can change the title of your book and the year in which the school year ends here:


Page Numbers

From here, you can choose whether or not you would like to include page numbers. The location, font style, size and color can be changed as desired.

If page numbers are not needed, click on the “No Page Numbers” checkbox.


Portrait Names

From here, you can choose how you want student names to appear in portrait sections. Feel free to experiment with different options.



After making changes in this workspace, they will be saved automatically.


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