Viewing the Pre-Order Queue


If you are an adviser with a yearbook in a storefront, you can monitor pre-order sales in a few different ways.


Book Settings

To see the total number of pre-orders placed, you can click on the "Book Settings" link while you are logged into the storefront as the adviser. 

Then you can see an overview of all pre-orders that have been placed. You can also see total profit if you have chosen to markup the price of the book. As you can see below, this store has a total of 9 yearbooks that have been pre-ordered. 



View Report

You can view a list of all pre-order sales by clicking the "View Report" link while you are logged into the storefront as the adviser. 

From the View Report link, you can view or download a spreadsheet of specific details about the pre-orders that have been placed. This can be very helpful in keeping track of who has or hasn't yet placed a pre-order.



View Personalizations

If you are the adviser and you have chosen to offer personalization to your customers, you can view who has and has not finalized their personalized sections by clicking the "View Personalizations" link. 



Note: If you selected the Bulk Shipping option in the Storefront Set-up, individuals who place pre-orders will not be charged for shipping.

The adviser will receive a weekly email with a recap of all pre-orders that were placed in the past week.

If the quantity of the pre-order queue is 50 or more when the final queue is ordered, shipping is free.

If Bulk Shipping is selected and the quantity is under 50 at the time the adviser releases the pre-order queue, shipping will be invoiced separately.

Click here to see shipping rates.


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