Page Layouts


Add a layout

1. Access the page layouts by clicking on the  tab

2. Browse the layouts by category or choose All Layouts

3. Choose between single page and two page layouts 

4. Click on the layout that you want to add to the page(s). If you select a single page layout, you might be asked if you want to add the layout to the left or right page. 


Save a Layout

1. Navigate to the page(s) of the layout you want to save

2. Click the  button

3. Choose which side of the page (or both pages) you would like to save

4. Enter a name for the layout and click the save button

Note: Your saved layouts can be found under "Saved Layouts" from the layouts category drop down menu in the layouts panel.


Use a layout from another page

1. Click the "Use a layout from another page" link in the layouts panel

2. Click a page that you would like to use a layout from. Once selected, the page will be highlighted in blue.

3. Click the  button

*You can only use layouts from other free form sections. You cannot use a layout from a portrait section.

**If you would like to use a layout from a different project, you can click the "from yearbook" drop down menu and select a different project


Change a layout in a portrait section

1. Navigate to a portrait section that has portraits uploaded

2. Access the page layouts by clicking on the  tab

3. Choose the number of portraits you want on each page

4. Click on the desired layout and the portraits will automatically flow into the new layout

*Use the "Reset Page" button if you have shifted any portraits and would like to reset them to their default positions. 

**Check the "Show layouts that support custom info" checkbox if you only want to see layouts that will show custom info that was entered in the People tab. Click here to see where you can enter custom info.


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