Dynamic spine zone


Yearbook advisers may choose to add text to a yearbook’s spine. Examples of common spine text include the title of the yearbook, a slogan, or the school name.

Picaboo yearbooks has a feature called Dynamic Spine Zone that makes adding spine text easy. Click the Spine Text tab and then check the box next to Print to begin the process.

You can choose whether you want your text in the center of the spine or at the top and bottom. Click the radial button for your choice.

Several fonts are available in the font selector, but not all of the fonts will be activated to ensure proper placement and readability. Once you choose your font, select the size and color.

In addition to the standard type treatments, you may also choose to display your spine text vertically, or “marquis style.”

Click the button next to the font size to toggle between horizontal and vertical text.

The last option is a background color for the spine. Using this feature may make your text stand out better against a busy cover design.

Keep in mind that while spine text may be placed on hardcover books of any page count, softcover books must have at least 70 pages for the spine to be wide enough to support text.

It is also important to note that if you offer both the hardcover and softcover options to your customers, you must complete your entire cover design in both sections.

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