Using Rules to link portrait photos to a portrait section


Once you have imported portrait photos and created portrait sections, you should link them by defining rules. 


1. Start by going to the  tab and take note to the format of the Grades, Teachers, and Home Rooms. You will need to enter the information from these fields in the same format in a later step. 


2. Navigate to the  tab and make sure you are in the  menu.


3. Select the desired portrait section from the left sidebar and click on “Edit Rules”.


4. In this menu, you can enter the name of the section, grade number, teacher, and home room. Make sure the grade number is entered in the exact same format as you noted in step 1 (e.g. if first grade is listed as "1", make sure you enter "1" in the grade field).


5. Click Finish to continue and you will see all portraits that were detected and imported using this rule.


6. Repeat for other portrait sections that you created.



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