Creating a Portrait Section


To begin, click on the button.

A window will appear, where you can select either Freeform or Portrait.


Select Portrait and click on Next to continue.

Enter a name for the new portrait section. The drop down menus underneath allow you to filter the photos by Grade, Teacher or Home Room.


For instance, let’s say we’re creating a Portrait Section for children in Grade 4. In the "Section Name" box, you can enter "Grade 4." Then you can enter "4" into the "Grade is" field. This rule tells Picaboo Yearbooks that portraits marked with "Grade 4" belong in this section. 

The next window prompts you to enter the number of students and choose the number of portraits populated on each page. A minimum of 12 and a maximum of 96 portraits can be selected from the drop-down menu. Following the example above, if there are 16 students in Grade 4 and a selection of 12 portraits per page is made, two pages will be required.


As you change the number of portraits per page, the page requirement number adjusts accordingly.

Click on Finish to create the new portrait section.


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