Section Manager


The section manager allows you to see all of the sections you’ve created for your yearbook. You can create new sections, edit, rearrange the section order, rename, mark for review, lock/unlock and remove a section from this area.

Clicking on a section name takes you to edit mode for that section which allows you to proceed with your design.

The Pages column indicates the current number of pages in each section (also known as your page count).

The Page # column indicates which pages are housed within this section.

The Photos column indicates the number of photos assigned to this section.

The Status column provides important information to the adviser and other team members. In the screenshot above, the Status message indicates that the “opening” section contains two blank pages. As soon as there is a design element (captions, photos) on this page, the message will disappear.

You may also sections using the blue link in the upper right of the section manager.

Organize and rearrange sections by clicking and dragging the arrow icon to change the sequence. Remember that moving a section with an odd number of pages may throw off the pagination of your book.

The portrait icon denotes a section that is associated with your PSPA portrait data. You can quickly edit the section name or adjust which grade, teacher or home room associated with the section by clicking the icon.

 The gear button is used to rename, delete, mark the section as ready for review—and if you’re logged in as an adviser—lock or unlock individual sections. These options will vary depending on the role assigned to the team member.

To add or change pages within a section, click the blue Page Manager button in the top right corner.


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