How to edit a Freeform Section


To begin editing a section, click on the name of the freeform section you’d like to edit. For more information about creating a freeform section, click here.


There are quite a few tools available to use in Picaboo Yearbooks. Starting along the top left, you'll see there is a drop down menu that you can use to switch to another section to work on.


Here are some other tools that you can use in a freeform section:


Add Text

Clicking the Add Text button will apply a text box to either the left or right page. You can then enter and edit text.


Add More

Clicking the Add More button will open a drop­ down menu with options to add pages, shapes, lines, and placeholder images.


Undo and Redo

To the right of the Add More button, the  and  buttons allow you to easily retract an edit if you make a mistake or want to quickly see how your pages look with or without a particular edit.


Page Manager

The will give an overview of your entire project.


Zoom Page

In the upper right of your screen is the Zoom tool . This is helpful for zooming in on a portion of a page while editing that page.



To the right of the Zoom tool, you will see an Advanced button . This button will give you access to editing tools like Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All, and Spell Check. You will also have access to change the view of your page (i.e. Turn on Read Mode, Hide Placeholders, Grids and Guides, and Show Safety Zone). Lastly, you can change user preferences.


Grids, Guides, and Rulers

The button lets you control how margins, rulers and grids are displayed and function on your pages while you edit. If you hover over the Guides button, a reminder of how the margins work will be displayed. If you click on the Guides button, a window where you can choose which guides to show and which automatic alignments to use will pop up in the middle of the screen.


Add Photos

To add more photos to a section, click the blue button. This will open a menu allowing you to navigate to another section of the current project and choose photos from there, or to upload new photos from your computer or the web.


Editing Toolbar

On the left, you'll see the Editing Toolbar, which contains tabs for Photo Tools, Page Layouts, BackgroundsStickers, and Notes

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