Wrap and Crop zones


When you first open the cover section of your yearbook, you will notice a yellow outline around the edges of the cover. On the hardcover layout, this area is called the wrap zone. On the softcover layout and the inside pages, this area is called the crop zone. You’ll also see a popup with more information.


Images or text in this zone will be wrapped around the boards used to create your hardcover yearbook. In cases where you want your image to span the entire cover (with no blank space showing) it is always best to expand any images as far as you can past the dotted line.


Hover your mouse over the Guide button on the top right of the workspace to view information regardng the different zones.


Important: Please make sure not to position important parts of an image or text within the wrap/crop zone. Faces and text are of paramount concern with regards to the wrap and crop zones.


Note: Guides on the cover templates look slightly different than page templates, as shown below.


To keep these zones visible, you can toggle them off from the "Grids and Guides" menu by clicking on the Guides button at the upper right of your work space.



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